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Seagulls Studio on The Crescent on the seafront of Bridlington

January 2022

WOW!!!!!! What a busy three years!!!

I've failed spectacularly to keep this page up to date.
Since my last update, we've had Covid, my Log Cabin was burned down in the middle of lockdown, I sold all my chalets, bought a new one, bought a lodge at Sewerby Golf Course, installed a hot tub (it wasn't financially viable to rebuild my log cabin).
I've also bought three new flats and completely restructured my business.
No wonder I haven't had time to keep this page up to date!
We've also converted Seagulls 1 from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom. We've totally refurbished Seagulls Studio. All the chalets had a makeover to sell them and of course the new flats needed decorating and furnishing.

We've had lots of new guests, lots of returning guests

So much more I can't think.......but I'll update soon!!!!

I'm so looking forward to Summer, and bookings are coming in. My online booking system is new, and doesn't yet show all my accommodation, or indeed my availabilty. I'm working on it.......

Please give me a ring on 07960 167810 for details, and I'll try my best to keep updated here!


March 2019

Solar panels fitted to our Log cabin!!!

I've been wanting solar panles since I bought the Log cabin in 2011

We get so much sun in the back garden, and now we have solar Power!!!


November 2018

A sauna for the Log Cabin!!!!

So when you get out of the Jacuzzi and you're just too chilled to dry yourself... just nip in the sauna then bed with a hot chocolate or a brandy, or both!

Watch this space for pics!!!

Seagulls Studio on The Crescent on the seafront of Bridlington

May - July 2018

WOW!!!!!! What a busy three months!!!

We've had lots of new guests, lots of returning guests

New gardens for Seagulls Apartment on Windsor Crescent and Chalet 4. New fence for Chalet 5.
New sofas for Seagulls Studio, the Log Cabin and Chalet 4.

So much more I can't think.......but I'll update soon!!!!

Very nearly full for Summer, but have a few gaps left, as I don't take online bookings for all my accommodation so please give me a ring on 07960 167810 for details


Chalet 1 Garden in Spring South Shore Holiday Village  Bridlington???????

April 2018

We continue to roll out Internet to our chalets. Many guests want to go online while on holiday. The problem for me is that £30 per month over several properties adds up to a lot of money! We now have wifi in Chalet 1, and Cabins 3&4, with Chalet 5 having it fitted next month. 
We are having some technical issues with the Log Cabin - there was no phone line fitted when I bought it, and getting it installed is somewhat difficult. I have a plan though!!

With the weather starting to improve, we've been working on Chalet 4 garden - photos to come soon. The tree in the photo is a peach tree in the garden of Chalet 1. It's not yet fully in bloom this year, but we hope for a crop to go with the masses of gosseberiies we usually get


March 2018

A new look for the Log Cabin bathroom was the project this month.

A friend of mine said "why mend what's not broken?". Yes, I agree. But my regular guests have been staying in the Log cabin for years now, and I think they deserve something new. Last year it was the new decking, the jacuzzi the year before.........I re-invest the vast majority of the income into my properties, taking a very tiny wage myself. This year the bathroom is having a revamp and I will be posting photos shortly. 

And I have a wonderful plan if I have a good Spring.........

We also put a lovely oak door on the bathroom to Seagulls Studio on The Crescent, fitted a new carpet and vinyl
    And after the makeover

Bathroom before

Bathroom before revamp

February 2018

Seagulls Studio was the first property I bought, over 10 years ago. It's had two new bathrooms in this time, and we're working on it again - fitting a lovely new oak door and upgrading the units. We have to work round bookings, so it's a bit at a time. Can't wait to see the finished results!!!


And the finished results .......

Seagulls Studio, The Crescent, Bridlington

The old shower

January 2018

As usual the flats are full with longer lets. Lots of people live in caravan nowadays, and many close for the winter. We offer preferential rates for longer lets. Now we have smart meters in all the flats, it's easy to offer a good price as the guests can pay for their own utilities. 

Seagulls Studio has full gas central heating whilst Seagulls Apartment is all electric. 

I took myself off to Spain for a month to work on my website. New look coming soon......

February 2015 - December 2017

Apologies for not updating here - it's been a very busy couple of years.

I've sold Cabins 1,2 and 5 and Chalets 2 and 3 to allow me more time to each individual chalet. I was running myself ragged trying to run twelve units, and now I have time to devote to the smaller details. I invested the vast majority of these sales into the chalets, but I did treat myself to a cruise to South America in January 2017!!!

I bought a Jacuzzi for the Log cabin - definitely the biggest and best purchase to date.

Chalet 1 Garden South Shore Holiday Village  Bridlington

Chalet 1

We've decked Cabins 3&4 and Chalet 1 has a brand new look with new deck and a much better view of the sea.

Chalet 4 kitchen has been upgraded.

Chalet 5 has had the exterior clad.

New sofas for Chalets 1 & 4, Cabins 3 & 4, Log Cabin, Seagulls Nest, Seagulls fact everywhere except Seagulls Studio, where we plan to install a drop-down bed and then upgrade the sofa.

Unfortunately the bed settee in cabin 4 has suffered badly with inconsiderate people.

New cookers in four units. Five new fridges. New crockery and cutlery throughout......the list goes on....

The Log cabin has a large garden now, with fencing and a decked access ramp to the rear.

All the chalets have been fully redecorated (more than once)

Chalet 7 has been totally stripped and converted into an open plan very modern studio with four poster bed. 

After a Facebook vote, it was renamed Seagulls Nest, and is proving very popular with couples for a romantic getaway.

Seagulls Apartment on Windsor Crescent had been a long term let. The tenant moved out in March 2017.

The flat was totally redecorated, new carpets and curtained throughout, new furniture, new kitchen units.........

It looks amazing. Next on the list is the garden, and I hope to install a fire exit to allow direct access to the garden when funds allow.

And that's me taking it easy compared to before!!!!!!!

January 2015

A complete new bathroom for Chalet 3 was the project this month.

Chalet 3 was our first detached chalet, bought in July 2009. It is very popular, just 150m from the beach and close to site facilities. It has now had every room updated, although we have more plans for the kitchen in the very near future......

January 2015 also saw a facelift for Chalet 4 shower area, photos to follow.

New Year 2015

We celebrated the arrival of 2015 at our on-site pub, The Warren.

Ben kindly offered a free bar from midnight onwards, so it was a late finish.........

Look forward to doing the same thing next year

November 2014

November is traditionall a quiet time of year at South Shore, but the kind weather meant we had lots of visitors taking advantage of our special offers. Mid-November saw the Diva Dance Competition at The Spa, and we had over 40 people staying with us for the competition. I'm very pleased to report that the problems we used to have with dancers seem to have disappeared and all the chalets were left in a satisfactory condition - thanks to all for that.

We welcomed lots of new people to the site, attracted by the empty beaches and peace and quiet. Most thoroughly enjoyed their stay and several plan to return.

I understand that Chalet Life isn't for everyone, so it's always lovely to get good feedback.

October 2014

October sees the Scooter Weekend at The Spa, Bridlington. We are always full to bursting, and help lots of people find accommodation with other chalet owners. There's always a fantastic atmosphere in Bridlington and at South Shore, and it never fails to amuse me seeing the bottoms ovehanging the scooter saddles.....

I have a Timeshare in Marbella, so never get to stay beyond Friday night. I have mixed feeings about going - it's always lovely to see Brid bursting with people all having a good time. I do feel guilty about going to lie on a sunbed whilst my helpers run themselves ragged cleaning the chalets ready for the half term influx. It would be good to stay to enjoy the atmosphere and camp out in my little office, but I can't waste my holiday :)

Next year (2015) will be even worse, as we have Diva Dance Competion at the start of Half Term, Scooter Weekend at the end and our usual school holidaymakers midweek......perhaps I should cancel Marbella........or perhaps not............

September 2014

Our Studio on The Crescent was the first property I bought in Bridlington (2007), and still my favourite. It's location is amazing, literally across the (quiet) road from the sea. It is ground floor, so accessible for all via two steps from the pavement.

When we bought it, it was brand new and beautifully decoreated. The shower room was nice, but had room for improvement.

September allowed us to start work upgrading the shower room, with a much larger shower and new flooring and walls. Best of all is the glass sink, which I absolutely love. I will be putting photos on very soon - it's been completely full since the shower room was finished, and I've only seen it once.....

Spring 2022

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