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Ruth Bainbridge
122 Newmarket Lane, Wakefield, W Yorks WF3 4BY

Tel Ruth Bainbridge:  0113 2826536
                             Mob:  07960 167810

My email is 

I'm Abroad from 18th - 25th September, but you can still ring at no extra cost to you or me


Seagulls Studio
Flat 1, 4 The Crescent
YO15 2NX

Seagulls 1
Flat 2, 44 Windsor Crescent
YO15 3HY

Seagulls 2
Flat 3, 90 Windsor Crescent
YO15 3JY 

Chalet 1
72B 5th Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village

YO15 3QN

Chalet 4
105A 4
th Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN

Chalet 5
127 2nd
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN



Cabin 3
183A 8th Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN 

Cabin 4
183B 8th Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN


Log Cabin
163 5th Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN
Seagulls Nest
256B 1st Avenue
South Shore Holiday Village
YO15 3QN
Flamborough Caravan
Thornwick Bay Caravan Site
North Marine Drive
YO15 1AU

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Experts advise to put photos and information about yourself on a website when you run a business.

I've always felt uncomfortable doing this, but I think it appropriate to say something on this page. Please feel free to skip the next couple of paragraphs!!!!! The things that really matter are comments from many Seagulls visitors.

I was made redundant in February 2011 after 20 years working for the Police as a Scenes of Crime Officer, and decided to devote myself full time to my Holiday Accommodation Business.

I started the business in 2007 when I bought Seagulls Studio. My children were 5 and 10 at the time, and we had had many holidays in Europe. I had fond memories of my childhood seaside visits and  wanted to do the same for my children. As shift workers, both Peter, my husband, and I had an unusual life, never having weekends off together due to our work and childcare commitments. The Studio gave us the traditional British Seaside Holiday my children had never experienced. It proved very popular and was full most of the year very quickly. We then bought another flat, Seagulls 2, so we could continue to have our holidays in Bridlington. Again it was very popular, and we went ahead and bought Seagulls 1.

In July 2007 I celebrated my 40th Birthday at South Shore Holiday Village, staying in a friends Chalet. My initial impression was that the site was a little untidy and unloved. Within a few minutes of my arrival, I had my glass of wine and a feeling of peace I rarely experience anywhere else. By the end of the week, I had bought Chalet 1!

We gutted the chalet over the winter and I re-discovered my DIY passion. It is very satisfying to work on these properties and bring them into the 21st century, and have now restored several more.

I still get excited when I'm going to Brid, even though all I seem to do there now is work! We have expanded our chalets, and I used my inheritance from my mother to buy the Log Cabin in February 2010 - it was always her dream for me to buy one of those.

I hope it hasn't been too tedious reading about the conception of Seagulls. Want I want to explain most of all is that it is a small family business which we work very hard at. I have a team of very dedicated ladies who help me maintain the standards which people deserve on holiday, to whom I am enormously grateful - Seagulls cannot exist without them.

I honestly do my best to make everyones stay as good as is possible. I am fully committed to providing the best accommodation possible at the best prices I can. I have invested every penny of my savings and redundancy payment in to the business. I only hope that I have done the right thing!!!!

Finally, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all my regular customers and to all those that send me Thank You cards and good comments. Any problems that do arise, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can address them and make your holiday stay as perfect as possible.

Thanks For Reading

June 2011

Lounge, Seagulls 2 on Windsor Crecent


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